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BIS Am/Can Ch. Goldenquest's Jaayd SDHF
Sire: BIS BISS Am./Can./Int. Ch Pacificgold's The Dance SDHF 
Dam: Ch. Goldenquest's Sunstone Teaka
October 15, 1999


Jaayd's Head Study



Jaayd is a very handsome medium blond colored male with an outgoing, happy go lucky temperament. Judges have commented on his excellent breed type, lovely masculine headpiece, good prosternum, and good front and rear angulation. Also, they say he is well balanced and a powerful mover with a ground covering stride. Jaayd has exceptionally good coming and going movement.

He has a scissors bite, full dentition, dark eyes and good pigment. His hips are OFA "Good" rated and he has OFA "Normal" Elbows and "Heart". His eyes have been "CERF" cleared.

Jaayd is very outgoing, loves to show and never lets down, and at the same time he is intelligent, easy to train and a joy to live with. Special thanks to Carol Morrison and Shannon Scheer for their expert presentation of Jaayd in the show ring.

Jaayd is proudly owned by Dave Hilliard and his daughter Diane.

Jaayd's Physical Attributes

Jaayd is a handsome, powerfully built male golden possessing the following attributes:
- Height: 23 inches at the shoulder
- Weight: 80 pounds
- Bite: Scissors
- Dentition: Full
- Eyes: Very dark brown, expressive and an ideal shape and size.
- Eye Rims: Black
- Lips and Flews: Black
- Nose: Black year round until 4 years old then fading in winter only.
- Head: Quite exceptional, broad deep square muzzle all the way to the tip, broad skull, level planes, good stop and well set on ears.
- Neck: Great length, powerful and nicely arched.
- Front Assembly: Judges said Jaayd has good angulation with a good prosternum, he has a smooth flow from neck to shoulders and his shoulders blades and upper arms are nicely balanced. He is substantially deep in the chest and possesses properly sloping pasterns and good feet.
- Body: Deep bodied through the chest with long well sprung ribs, broad medium length back tapering to a deep muscular loin.
- Topline: Overall quite exceptional, he possesses a crested neck with a smooth flow from neck to shoulders. Jaayd is table top level from shoulders to tail set except for a small natural dip behind the shoulders where the vertebrae change direction and a slight slope to the croup as called for in the Breed Standard.
- Tail: Correct length, broad strong base and well feathered. It is carried with a merry action, level and/or moderately upward as per the Breed Standard.
- Rear Assembly: Broad strong hips, well angulated stifle and very muscular hamstrings with a minimum of exercise. Jaayd produces a strong thrust from the rear when moving. His legs and hocks are straight and parallel when viewed from the rear with medium length hocks and good feet.
- Movement: Jaayd is exceptionally sound in movement. Judges say that he is well balanced and a powerful mover with a ground covering stride. Jaayd maintains a level topline while moving and his coming and going movement are quite exceptional with clean, true motion and ideal convergence toward the centerline as he increases speed.
- Coat and Color: Jaayd has a firm straight coat, medium blond in color with lighter feathering of good length. His undercoat is thick and water repellent. Jaayd?s coat is easy to care for and requires very little in the way of care to maintain its luster and shine. We have had many compliments on his beautiful coat.

Jaayd's Show Record

Jaayd had a whirlwind show career in 2001, finishing his Canadian Championship in 5 days from start to finish taking 4 Winners and 1 Reserve his first time shown. As a move up on the Specialty weekend Jaayd took Best of Breed and Sporting Group 4th and the next day he won BOS at the 2001 GRCBC Specialty, both wins over Goldens Ranked #1 in Canada.

During Jaayd?s first weekend entered as a Special in 2002 he soared to 2 Sporting Group Firsts and Best In Show. During March & April of 2002 Jaayd was shown 5 three day weekends and quickly rose to become the #1 Golden in Canada. Jaayd?s next All Breed show was in November 2002 where he took Best of Breed and Sporting Group 3rd (149 dogs entered in the Sporting Group) under Breeder judge Archie Warnock. Jaayd also won Group 2nd at the Winners One Competition for Best In Show & Group Winners.

His next, and last show of 2002, was in December where Jaayd won a highly competitive Sporting Group First (159 Sporting Dogs entered) over the #1 and the #2 Sporting Dogs in Canada.

In 2003 Jaayd had a great year, winning 12 Group placings in very limited showing including three Group 1st and three Group 2nd. He did exceptionally well under breeder and international judges by winning two impressive Group 1?s at Canada?s Largest Show (Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers) under judges G. Friedlander from the Philippines, and E. Filippine from Argentina over the Top Sporting Dogs in the Country. At other shows Jaayd also won Group 2 under judge M. Watson from Australia and Group 3 under breeder judge Ainslie Mills over Best In Show competition. At the Winners One Competition in 2003, for All Breed Best In Show and Group Winners, Jaayd was chosen as the Best Sporting Dog in Show. At his peak Jaayd won Best of Breed over Best in Show and Show Dog Hall of Fame competition 80% of the time. This is a remarkably high percentage of consistent wins over many of the best Goldens in the Country.

In 2004 Jaayd was shown in a very short campaign in the USA and started and finished his American Championship in just 12 days of Open class at all breed shows. He picked up his majors at Sacramento Valley and Whidbey Island. Many thanks to Heidi Gervais for her expert presentation of Jaayd.

Summary of Jaayd?s Show Record
In limited showing, shown an average of only 6 three day weekends per year at All Breed shows, Jaayd has accomplished the following Outstanding Record:

- The Top Winning Golden Retriever in Canada as of May 15, 2002.
- Qualified for the Show Dog Hall of Fame.
- All Breed Best In Show Winner.
- Best Male in Specialty (Best of Opposite Sex) as a move up from the Classes.
- 7 time Sporting Group Winner.
- 8 time Sporting Group 2nd Winner.
- 8 time Sporting Group 3rd Winner.
- 6 time Sporting Group 4th Winner.
- Total 36 Best of Breeds and 3 Best of Opposite Sex.

Pedigree of "BIS Am/Can Ch. Goldenquest's Jaayd SDHF"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

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Karin Hilliard
British Columbia
Canada V4E 2S7

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